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 IRG - The Income Replacement Group

What We Do

Primarily we help people plan through their working lives to retirement. We help assess risk from taxation, sickness and injury, or someone’s untimely passing.

We design money packages that are triggered by these events, through life, critical illness or disability insurance and investment vehicles for retirement.

We help people “Explore tomorrow’s problems today.”


About Simon

Simon has been an advisor for over 30 years starting his career with a major Canadian life insurance company. In this time it is estimated that Simon has interviewed, spoken with and met over 10,000 people including couples, singles, business owners, and people from every social standing and walk of life.

Simon spent several years as regional manager for North America’s largest disability insurance company and then as an independent advisor became branch manager for a mutual fund company overseeing 9 advisors and 3 staff. At the present time, Simon is an Investment Funds Advisor with Investia Financial Services Inc.

“To those who are open, our relationships are strong. Admittedly the running of any business seems to take precedent over the more important things like the relationships. Our business is driven by relationships and I continuously strive so that no client ever feels like I do not care. Lastly I live by a simple philosophy. If you can help someone…Help them.” - Simon Kelly

Simon holds licenses in both Alberta and British Columbia


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